Yucca Mtn Cost Soars

"The planned U.S. nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada will cost billions more than previously estimated due to a hike in the amount of waste it will have to dispose of and inflation, the Energy Department said on Tuesday. The Yucca Mountain program, which began in 1983 and is expected to close in 2133, is expected to cost $96.2 billion in 2007 dollars over its 150-year life cycle, up 67 percent from a 2001 estimate of $57.5 billion. ... The Energy Department said the increased costs are due to more than $16 billion in inflation and a 30 percent increase in the amount of nuclear waste that will need to be disposed of at the site. ... Despite the rise in costs, the department is not proposing a change in the fees paid by nuclear utilities for waste disposal." Ayesha Rascoe reports for Reuters August 6, 2008.

Source: Reuters, 08/06/2008