Zero Option Draws Favor as Govt Reactor Meetings Shift To W. Japan

"OSAKA — The central government-sponsored public hearings on Japan's energy future moved to west Japan on Sunday, with the majority of designated speakers and attendees favoring either a complete withdrawal from nuclear power by 2030 or a near halving of the nation's reliance on it."

"About 140 people attended the hearing, part of a nationwide series sponsored by the central government. Officials said they received 318 comments directly and by mail from its Kansai region poll on three possible energy futures.

Of these, 211 people voiced support for abolishing atomic power completely by 2030. Another 40 said they favored cutting Japan's reliance on it to 15 percent.. Nuclear energy accounted for 26 percent of the nation's electric power in 2010."

Eric Johnston reports for the Japan Times July 23, 2012.


"Organizers Getting Fatigued From Growing Anti-Nuke Protests" (Asahi Shimbun)

Source: Japan Times, 07/24/2012