"Zinke Vows to End ‘Virus’ of Harassment in Park Service"

"WASHINGTON — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke vowed Friday that there would be “no quarter” for employees who sexually harass or discriminate against colleagues. He said he would dismiss anyone found guilty of harassment and supervisors who sweep such charges under the rug.

'I have no problem removing manager after manager until there are none left,' Secretary Zinke, a former member of the Navy SEALs, told employees at Grand Canyon National Park, according to prepared remarks made public earlier in the day. 'Intimidation, harassment and discrimination are viruses within an operation, and we’re going to eradicate them.'

After Secretary Zinke’s remarks, he and the acting National Park Service director, Michael T. Reynolds, answered questions from park employees in a closed meeting, which primarily focused on how agency managers would deal with reports of bullying and intimidation. The park was rocked by scandal after Sally Jewell, who was Interior Secretary under President Obama, received a request for investigation from 13 former and current employees in the Grand Canyon River District, citing an 'intimidating, hostile, or sexually offensive work environment.'  "

Emily Cochrane reports for the New York Times October 13, 2017.

Source: NY Times, 10/16/2017