Workshop Report: “Bringing Climate Change Closer to Home”

The Society of Environmental Journalists, Michigan State University's Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, the Kellogg Biological Station's LTER and the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources recently organized a workshop for scientists and journalists to better communicate climate change information to the public. This is the third in a series of Translating Science/Telling Stories events; see June 9 and July 9-10, 2012 below.

A write-up of this extremely productive two-and-a-half day event is here.

As part of this National Science Foundation-funded effort, the Knight Center has produced a series of short videos. The first group is of scientists and journalists reflecting on their roles, challenges and interaction. The second group features research on climate change journalism. The third group features lectures on Great Lakes-oriented climate change science.

You can find the videos here.

Please feel free to use them in any outreach/educational capacity. If you do, it's helpful to SEJ to know how they are used: Please email and share your link with us at with cc to David Poulson, Associate Director, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, Michigan State University.