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We're tracking stories inspired by or informed by our conference in Boise, ID. The stories don't have to be about Boise or Idaho; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. Send your story links to Cindy MacDonald. It's never too late. Please send yours!

  1. "Children of the Wolves," a documentary about wolves and teens in progress, inspired by this tour, directed by SEJ member Barb Kuensting. Read the Jan 26, 2024 announcement.
  2. "SOS: Save Our Species," NPR's 1A, November 27-30, 2023, by Amanda Williams.
  3. "Why Rural Nevada Electric Co-Ops Are Watching Proposals To Remove Snake River Dams," The Nevada Independent, November 12, 2023, by Daniel Rothberg.
  4. "Biden Administration Announces 15 New Renewable Energy Projects on Public Lands," The Hill, November 6, 2023, by Zack Budryk (uses AP photo of Haaland).
  5. "Prying Open the Statehouse Doors," SEJournal, October 18, 2023, by Erin Jordan.
  6. "Do Your Homework Before You Buy Carbon Offsets — Will They Do What They Promise?" WFAE Charlotte (N.C.), October 16, 2023, by David Boraks.
  7. "Is Hydropower Good Or Bad for the Environment? We Went to Idaho To Find Out," Los Angeles Times, September 28, 2023, by Sammy Roth.
  8. "Klamath Tribes Raise Concerns for Public Health Near Toxic Algae Bloom," KOBI-TV NBC5 (Medford, Ore.), August 29, 2023, by Taylar Ansures.
  9. "Critics Question How Climate-Friendly an Appalachian 'Blue' Hydrogen Hub Will Be," Energy News Network, August 21, 2023,  by Kathiann M. Kowalski.
  10. "Plugged In: How the Inflation Reduction Act Is Changing America," NPR's 1A, August 14-17, 2023, by Amanda Williams.
  11. "'Airbnb for Outdoors' Comes to Idaho, Backed — and Used — by Billionaire Wilks Brothers," Idaho Statesman, July 31, 2023, by Nicole Blanchard.
  12. "'Airbnb for Outdoor Recreation' Could Turn Idaho Into a Playground for the Wealthy," Yahoo! Idaho Statesman Editorial Board, July 30, 2023.
  13. "Why Do Republicans Want to Kill This Tiny Dancing Chicken?" Heatmap, July 29, 2023, by Neel Dhanesha.
  14. "House Republicans Look To Slash Budgets for Interior Department and EPA," Wyoming Public Radio, July 19, 2023, by Will Walkey.
  15. "How Utilities’ Fossil Fuel Investments Are Driving Up Rates for the Most Vulnerable," Environmental Health News, July 17, 2023, by Lily Carey.
  16. "Road Trip! Kicking the Tires on Electric Travel in the Northwest," KUOW-FM, July 15, 2023, by John Ryan.
  17. "Program Uniting Wildlife and Ranches Expands to Idaho and Montana," Boise State Public Radio News, July 14, 2023, by Rachel Cohen.
  18. "Treasure Valley Urban Wood Network Encourages Recycling of Unwanted Trees for Idaho Artisans, Idaho Capital Sun, July 3, 2023, by Steve Stuebner.
  19. "The Mystery of the Vanishing Kestrels: What’s Happening to This Flashy Falcon? The New York Times, June 5, 2023, by Catrin Einhorn.
  20. "Neel Dhanesha’s Field Notes," The Uproot Project, May 26, 2023.
  21. "Japanese Americans Object To Proposed Wind Farm at WWII Incarceration Site," All Things Considered/NPR, May 22, 2023, by Rachel Cohen.
  22. "Congress Should Fund the BLM (No, Not That One)," The Economist, May 18, 2023, by Aryn Braun.
  23. "Volunteers Work To Protect Birds in Kansas City From Window Strikes, by Tracking Where They're Killed," KCUR/NPR Kansas City, May 18, 2023, by Eva Tesfaye.
  24. "Salmon vs. Dams," Power Switch/POLITICO, May 15, 2023, by Gloria Gonzalez and Arianna Skibell.
  25. "On the Hunt for Yellowstone’s Bison," The Washington Post, May 13, 2023, by Dino Grandoni.
  26. National Native News, May 12, 2023, Segment 2 (at 01:20), by Chuck Quirmbach.
  27. "What Will SEJ Bring to Penn in April 2024?" Center for Science, Sustainability, and the Media, University of Pennsylvania, May 12, 2023, by Heather Kostick.
  28. "Risky Heat Days Are Increasing in the Carolinas — And That's Bad for Outdoor Workers," Blue Ridge Public Radio, May 12, 2023, by David Boraks.
  29. "Environmentalists Aim To Block Gold Mine Near Yellowstone — By Buying It," The Washington Post, May 11, 2023, by Dino Grandoni.
  30. "How Can We Speed Up Solar and Wind Energy? Here Are Some Ideas," Los Angeles Times, May 11, 2023, by Sammy Roth.
  31. "Idaho Threatens Lawsuit If U.S. Doesn’t Delist Grizzlies From Endangered Species Act," Idaho Statesman, May 10, 2023, by Nicole Blanchard.
  32. "Construction on Willow Oil Project in Alaska Underway, an Industrial Info News Alert," Business Wire, May 9, 2023 (story picked up by multiple news outlets).
  33. "As More Wisconsinites Use Solar Panels and Drive EV, More Mining May Come to Western States," WUWM/Milwaukee Public Media, May 8, 2023, by Chuck Quirmbach.
  34. "Hot Globe Talks Biodiversity, COVID & Writing With David Quammen," May 5, 2023, by Steve Chapple. Podcast version, May 8, 2023.
  35. "Water Bills Advance As Lawmakers From Both Parties Back More Agency Funding," The Nevada Independent, May 4, 2023, by Daniel Rothberg.
  36. "Biden’s Renewable Energy Goals Blow Up Against a Painful WWII Legacy," The Washington Post, May 3, 2023, by Dino Grandoni.
  37. "'A Cry For Help': Federal Agency Eyes A New Kind Of Leasing To Safeguard Public Lands," HuffPost, May 2, 2023, by Chris D'Angelo.
  38. "Boiling Point: To Idaho and Beyond!" Boiling Point/Los Angeles Times, May 2, 2023, by Sammy Roth.
  39. "NEH Joins Interior Dept. Effort To Document Federal Indian Boarding School History," Wyoming Public Radio/Boise State Public Radio News, May 2, 2023, by Murphy Woodhouse.
  40. "Observations From SEJ: Connecting Extreme Weather and Climate Change," Local Media Association, May 2, 2023, by Frank Mungeam.
  41. "$125 Million Investment Will Help Restore Watersheds and Critical Wildlife Habitat Across America Via 240 Locally-Led Projects," Revitalization, The Journal of Urban, Rural and Environmental Resilience/Reconomics Institute, May 1, 2023.
  42. "A Watershed Moment for River Systems," The Maine Monitor, April 30, 2023, by Annie Ropeik.
  43. "Idaho Power Eyes More Solar. But Here’s Why Clean Energy Remains a Challenge," Idaho Statesman, April 30, 2023, by Ian Max Stevenson.
  44. "White House Approves Alaska Oil Drilling, Despite Party’s Left Wing," Move FM/Midwest Radio Network (Australia), April 29, 2023.
  45. "Alaska Will Receive Share of New Federal Funds for Fish Passage Projects," The Cordova Times, April 28, 2023, by Margaret Bauman.
  46. "Biden Approves Alaska Oil Project, Enraging Supporters," Big News Network (Dubai), April 28, 2023, by Robert Besser (story picked up by multiple news outlets).
  47. "Climate Action Is Mayor's Priority In Boise. What Could Charlotte Learn?" WFAE Charlotte (N.C.), April 28, 2023, by David Boraks. See also: Social media posts @davidboraks on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  48. "Interior Secretary Defends Willow Oil Exploration Project," The Cordova Times, April 28, 2023, by Margaret Bauman.
  49. Climate Point newsletter, USA Today, April 27, 2023, by Janet Wilson.
  50. "What Can Ohio Regulators Do To Prevent Future Utility Corruption Scandals?" Energy News Network, April 27, 2023, by Kathiann M. Kowalski (concurrently on Eye on Ohio).
  51. "Federal Dollars Continue To Flow to Western Conservation Projects," Wyoming Public Radio, April 25, 2023, by Will Walkey.
  52. "North America’s Only International Wildlife Refuge Is on the Detroit River. Visit By Bus," BridgeDetroit, April 25, 2023, by Jena Brooker.
  53. "Now Vying for Second Term, Can Biden Repair His Damaged Climate and Environmental Justice Image?" Inside Climate News, April 25, 2023, by Kristoffer Tigue.
  54. "Debate Over Snake River Dams," DTN/The Progressive Farmer, April 24, 2023, by Chris Clayton.
  55. "The Marketing of Earth Day and the Tyranny of Simple Solutions," Global Warming is Real, April 24, 2023, by Thomas Schueneman.
  56. National Native News, April 24, 2023, Segment 2 (at 01:37), by Chuck Quirmbach.
  57. "U.S. Interior Secretary Unveils $125 Million for Local Climate Projects," Colorado Newsline, April 24, 2023, by Jacob Fischler.
  58. "Idaho’s Congressmen Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for the Environment | Opinion," Idaho Statesman, April 23, 2023, by Bob Kustra.
  59. "News Wrap: U.S. Embassy Urges Americans in Sudan To Shelter in Place," PBS NewsHour, April 22, 2023 (Secretary Haaland segment at 00:42).
  60. "Kerry Says US, China Must Work Together on Climate, World 'Not Doing Enough'," Fox News, April 22, 2023, by Julia Musto.
  61. "Haaland Defends Willow, Says US Won’t End Oil Drilling," The Associated Press, April 22, 2023, by Matthew Daly (story picked up by multiple news outlets).
  62. "BLM Chief: Staff Shortages Are the Biggest Hurdle to Speedy Energy Project Permitting (preview only; subscription required)," POLITICO, April 21, 2023, by Gloria Gonzalez.
  63. "Interior Releases $140M for Western Water Conservation and Efficiency" (preview only; subscription required), POLITICO, April 21, 2023, by Catherine Morehouse.
  64. "U.S. Interior Secretary Unveils $125 Million for Local Climate Projects," Idaho Capital Sun, April 21, 2023, by Jacob Fischler.
  65. "Bureau of Land Management Director Speaks About Her Love of Protecting Public Lands," Morning Edition/Boise State Public Radio, April 20, 2023, by Samantha Wright.
  66. "What's Next for Public Lands: A Conversation With Tracy Stone-Manning," Idaho Matters/Boise State Public Radio, April 20, 2023, by George Prentice and Samantha Wright.
  67. "Watershed Management and the Columbia River Basin," Idaho Matters/Boise State Public Radio, April 18, 2023, by Samantha Wright — an interview with panel "Lay of the Land: Watersheds Governance and Power Structures" speaker Mary Lou Soscia, former Columbia River Restoration Program Manager, Region 10, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (retired).
  68. "The Fight To Remove Four Snake River Dams in Idaho," Idaho Matters/Boise State Public Radio, April 17, 2023, by Samantha Wright.
  69. "The Society of Environmental Journalists Conference Returns to Boise," Idaho Matters/Boise State Public Radio, April 6, 2023, by Samantha Wright (an interview with SEJ Executive Director Meaghan Parker).
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