DOE Greenhouse Gas Data Expected in November

October 24, 2007

The Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration is expected to release its annual report on greenhouse gas emissions in the last week or two of November 2007.

  • EIA Media: 202-586-8800; report participant, Perry Lindstrom, 202-586-0934; report.

Every year since 1992 - with the exception of the year of terrorist attacks in 2001 - emissions have increased. However, EIA's early estimate of CO2 emissions, which make up a little more than 80% of all greenhouse gas emissions, showed a 1.3% decline for 2006, due in part to milder weather requiring less heating and cooling. The CO2 numbers could be tweaked with the release of the full report in November.

Find more greenhouse gas information from EIA - including the next round of voluntary reporting by some parties, expected Dec. 20, 2007-here.

For a number of other sources and perspectives on greenhouse gas emissions, see TipSheet of April 25, 2007.

When reviewing all information sources, keep in mind that the numbers are estimates, and little of the data is verified by independent sources or is actually measured. More accurate data may be available in the future, if language included in evolving greenhouse-gas bills eventually passes Congress.


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