Sunscreen Safety: Avoiding the Long-Term "Burn"

July 4, 2007

It's summer, and the ozone layer isn't getting any thicker. So it's time to break out the sunscreen. Which brand will protect your health as well as ward off sunburn?

Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep searchable cosmetics database offers rankings and details on the safety of 785 name-brand sunscreens.

Of these, 122 products are listed as offering good sun protection with low health risks, and 37 products scored worst.

  • EWG press: Jovana Ruzicic, 202-939-9144.

Trouble is: many of the best and safest sunblock products either are very costly or not widely available. This June 10, 2007, post from the weblog MomGoGreen offers insight into one mother's efforts to balance health concerns with availability and cost in choosing sun protection for her kids.


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