SEJ Offers Fellowship Opportunities for October Conference in Chattanooga

SEJ's crowdfunding campaign for 2013 conference fellowships closed June 7th. Thanks to the generosity of SEJ members and friends, we are able to offer several fellowships through a competitive process.

If you are a professional journalist reporting on the environment, you may apply for a fellowship to help cover costs of attending SEJ's Oct 2-6 conference in Chattanooga by emailing to Jeanne Scanlon a short proposal (3 pages max) and resume, including contact information.

The purpose of the fellowships program is to ensure the widest possible representation of journalists covering the environment; therefore, in your application, please provide SEJ with information about your media market, the type of media in which you work, and/or your race/ethnicity if you think this is relevant. Please also include a statement of need and commentary on how you intend to apply the conference experience to your future work.

The fellowship includes a registration waiver, one Thursday tour, and a stipend of up to $500, which may be applied to hotels and travel and/or conference sessions not covered under registration.

Applications were due by Midnight EDT June 24th. A list of winners will be published on the conference website page on Monday, July 22nd.