SEJ and the World Lose Gary Braasch

The community that comprises the Society of Environmental Journalists and environmental journalism were enhanced beyond measure by Gary Braasch.


We celebrate his life, and mourn his unexpected death March 7, 2016, while documenting climate change along the Great Barrier Reef. SEJ’ers have many cherished memories of working with Gary. He was greatly loved, and will be greatly missed. We'll be considering the best way to honor Gary's memory, his work and his generosity of spirit.


 “Gary was and remains the epitome of the environmental photojournalist, and set an example in his commitment to that endeavor that few others have achieved. He is already achingly missed.” – Roger Archibald, Freelance Writer/Photographer and SEJournal Photo Editor

“Gary was an absolute treasure. Not only was he a fine journalist, he also was very supportive of his colleagues strung across the United States and then some.” – Perry Beeman, Senior Staff Writer, Business Record

"Gary attended and spoke at several SEJ conferences over the years. He initiated effort early on to bring more photojournalists into the SEJ community. He brought his Smithsonian climate change project to be on display at our 2008 Roanoke conference. He was a tireless champion of climate change education. It's not a surprise that he died working." – Jay Letto, SEJ Conference Director

“Gary made countless and global contributions.  But his stunning work takes on a whole new power now, to comfort those who loved him." – Beth Parke, SEJ Executive Director

"Gary was a phenomenal warrior in the battle against climate change and deniers. In addition to being an SEJ colleague, he was also a wonderful mentor and friend to everyone in the conservation photography community." – Jenny E. Ross, Freelance Photographer/Journalist


Gary Braasch donated the cover photo (and three inside images) for the current issue (Spring 2016) of SEJournal.

Facebook remembrances:   Gary's   |   SEJ members page

Gary served as a mentor in SEJ's Mentor Program. In addition to his SEJ membership, Gary was a charter member of the International League of Conservation Photographers in 2005, as well as one of the founders of the North American Nature Photography Association in 1994.

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