#SEJSpotlight: J. Matt, Freelance Journalist and Photographer

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Meet SEJ member J. Matt, a photographer and feature-writer in Honolulu whose work generally focuses on global warming and its intersections with place and social, political and economic histories. Their work includes deeply researched/reported writing accompanied by photographs in both color and black-and-white. Raised in Honolulu, J. Matt has a strong connection to the near-shore waters and mountains of O‘ahu and this connection has informed their point-of-view reporting on the consequential urgency of global warming — concentrating on Hawai‘i and California as exemplary of what the wider developed world faces.

“I can't recommend SEJ enough — the EJToday headlines alone are worth it. Occasionally they have informed my reporting and influenced its direction — especially in my ongoing coastal survey of the island of O‘ahu,” they said. Join them — become a member today.

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