"New BPA Report Linked To Industry"

"Four authors of a new report concluding that bisphenol A is safe have ties to companies and groups that benefit from the controversial chemical.

The report was written by the Advisory Committee to the German Society for Toxicology, the country's national association of toxicologists.

One of the authors is a current employee of Bayer Schering Pharma AG, the largest producer of bisphenol A, or BPA, in Europe. Another has received funding from the global BPA industry group, BPA Global, in the past. Another runs a "consultancy for the industry." And another calls himself a "leading toxicologist in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry" who is currently "developing and shaping" toxicology in Germany and Europe."

Susanne Rust reports for California Watch in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel April 27, 2011.


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Source: California Watch, 04/28/2011