Aspen Environment Forum

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June 22, 2012 to June 25, 2012











NOAA recently released a new set of climate "normals" for the U.S., documenting that the country's long-term average temperature has warmed by half a degree in the last decade. What's true for the U.S. is true for the planet: it's a new-normal world as the increase in temperature creates a new environmental paradigm for which the planet and its people must adapt.

AEF 2012 will focus on Living in the New Normal: how the planet is adapting, how we are adapting, and how adapting does not mean accepting.

The Forum will take you on a journey defining the issues underlying the three sub themes of Living in the New Normal, where you will come out with a greater understanding of our natural state, but a renewed sense of hope for how to help build the planet’s resilience.

A 10% discount is offered through the end of January.

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Andrea Browne-Phillips
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