DEADLINE: Messengers of Biodiversity Reporting Grant

Event Date: 
November 1, 2023

In partnership with the Science Media Centre of Canada (SMCC), the Sitka Foundation is pleased to announce ten grants available for journalists to support reporting and writing or broadcast stories about biodiversity issues in British Columbia. These stories are intended to be published in a range of media in Canada, the U.S. or internationally. To receive this grant they must focus on some aspect of British Columbia’s biodiversity although journalists receiving this grant do not need to be based in British Columbia or Canada. The funding is designed to be flexible and can be used to help cover research time, travel and other related expenses. There will be two streams of funding: for research time only (CAD $10,000) and for research plus travel costs (CAD $15,000). There are ten grants available this year.

About the Sitka Foundation: Sitka is a charitable family foundation based in Vancouver that funds the conservation of nature and the protection of biodiversity through several granting programs. These programs are currently focussed on amplifying and protecting biodiversity in British Columbia. Sitka supports the fundamental importance of nature by offering philanthropic grants to messengers of biodiversity: bridge builders, solution seekers, and strategic communicators.

About SMCC: SMCC is a charitable organization that supports journalists writing about the sciences, engineering, and technology. Through communication and partnerships, the SMCC aims to improve public understanding and engagement of science issues through media coverage that is accurate, incisive, and evidence-based.

Other details: Application and eligibility details are available here. The deadline for all applications is November 1, 2023. All grant inquiries and applications are to be submitted through the email address with Messengers of Biodiversity Reporting Grant in the subject line.

Media inquiries can be directed to Jim Handman, Science Media Centre of Canada ( or Carolynn Beaty, Sitka Foundation (

DISCLAIMER: At this time, this funding is only for journalists (freelance and those employed by a media outlet) with a story proposal focussed on biodiversity issues in British Columbia.

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