DEADLINE: OneClass Freshman Scholarship

Event Date: 
October 31, 2019

Who we are: OneClass is an education technology company based in Toronto, Ontario. At OneClass, we've been providing learning resources for post-secondary students for 9 years to aid them in their studies. We have a 2.7 million user base, and are firmly established in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The Freshman Scholarship: For the 2019-2020 school year, OneClass is giving away US$100,000 in individual scholarships to students. Individual freshman scholarships will range from $450 - $2000 depending on how many courses the student is enrolled in.

Scholarship link: OneClass Freshman Scholarship

Eligibility: Students who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a full-time student in 2019/2020 academic year at an accredited US, Canadian or Australian post-secondary institution.

Selection Criteria:
1. Full-time student
2. Good academic standing
3. Completed application form

How to Apply:
1. Reserve your spot
2. List the courses you're registered in
3. Send in completed application

Deadline: October 31, 2019. Winners will be announced on January 1, 2020.

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