DEADLINE: Sentient Media Midwest Journalism Fund

Event Date: 
September 26, 2022

Sentient Media's Midwest Journalism Fund is for writers and aspiring writers in the Midwest interested in reporting on environmental issues and agriculture.

We are looking for 50 journalists to join the program which starts on October 3, 2022. Applications are open until September 26.

The program aims to build a better support network for writers in the Midwest who are interested in reporting on agriculture and the environment and culminates in a pitch competition, judged by journalists at Sentient Media and Vox, where the $10,000 fund will be distributed between the successful writers for new reporting. Throughout the program, the writers will also be given the opportunity to meet with editors from Sentient Media’s network, including Grist, to pitch and share ideas.

Program offering:

  • Train reporters to become more effective at reporting on the environment and the impact of industrial farming in the Midwest.
  • Course on Reporting on the Environment and Animal Agriculture featuring lessons from Marina Bolotnikova, Jeff Sebo, Silvia Secchi and many more.
  • Course on Undercover Investigations created by Pete Paxton, an award-winning undercover investigator.
  • Events featuring environment and animal agriculture experts and journalists from Grist and Vox.
  • Access to Sentient Media’s global community of advocates, journalists, and mentors.
  • Self-guided program that ends in a pitch competition on November 17th. All materials are available to you on demand, which gives learners the flexibility to complete the courses at their own pace.

Who can apply:

  • Journalists based in the Midwest
  • Strong interest in reporting on the environment
  • Must have published at least 2 articles this year
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