Renewable Energy Leaders Debate Critical Issues in Aspen at 11th Annual Summit

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August 10, 2014 to August 13, 2014
President of American Rewnewable Energy Institute, Sally Ranney

Billionaire philanthropist Democrat Tom Steyer meets Republican Conservationist Teddy Roosevelt IV at the 11th Annual American Renewable Energy Day Summit in Aspen.  They are among 135 clean energy world leaders from the public and private sectors who will converge on Aspen, Colorado next week to present and discuss new and innovative environmental concepts throughout this four-day event. These experts represent the fields of finance, investment, solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal and leading-edge energy technologies.

Former President Jimmy Carter will join Ted Turner, T Boone Pickens, Lester Brown, Amory Lovins and dozens more dignitaries. Press passes are available to qualified journalists.

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Jeanette Darnauer
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American Renewable Energy Institute (AREI), sponsor of AREDAY
Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado
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