"‘Paddle in Seattle’ Protesters Gather Against Shell Oil Rig"

"Conrad Ely drove from Olympia with three friends, a double kayak and a canoe.

Amy McKendry arrived with her family and a canoe she’s had since she was 8.

Brandon Juhl came in from Snohomish without a boat, but was able to launch into Elliott Bay with an extra kayak another donated to the cause.

They joined more than 200 other boats Saturday for Paddle in Seattle, a flotilla organized by a coalition of environmental groups, activists and tribal leaders from around the country to demonstrate concern about the impact of fossil-fuel consumption on climate change and to show disappointment in the Port of Seattle’s decision to host Shell’s offshore Arctic oil-drilling fleet."

Coral Garnick reports for the Seattle Times May 16, 2015.


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Source: Seattle Times, 05/18/2015