1st Mileage and Greenhouse Emissions Standards for Trucks Announced

"President Obama and truck makers reach agreement on fuel economy and pollution standards for big rigs, work trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles."

"WASHINGTON -- President Obama announced the first fuel-efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for long-haul rigs, work trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles Tuesday, the second mileage pact with manufacturers in less than a month.

The regulations call for reductions on fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions by 2018 of 9% to 23%, depending on the type of vehicle. Trucks and other heavy vehicles make up only 4% of the domestic vehicle fleet, but given the distance they travel, the time they spend idling and their low fuel efficiency, they end up consuming about 20% of all vehicle fuel, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Experts say that a 20% reduction in heavy-vehicle emissions would boost fuel efficiency to an average of 8 miles per gallon from 6 mpg now."

Neela Banerjee reports for the Los Angeles Times August 10, 2011.


Source: LA Times, 08/10/2011