"The $38 Billion Nuclear Waste Fiasco"

"Doing nothing often has a cost -- and when it comes to storing the nation’s nuclear waste, the price is $38 billion and rising."

"That’s just the lowball estimate for how much taxpayers will wind up spending because of the government’s decades of dithering about how to handle the radioactive leftovers sitting at dozens of sites in 38 states. The final price will be higher unless the government starts collecting the waste by 2020, which almost nobody who tracks the issue expects.

The first $15 billion is what the government spent on a controversial nuclear waste repository at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain until the Obama administration scrapped the project. The other $23 billion is the Energy Department’s estimate of the damages the government will have to pay to nuclear power utilities, which for the past 30 years have paid a fee to DOE on the promise that the feds would begin collecting their waste in 1998."

Darius Dixon reports for Politico November 30, 2013.

Source: Politico, 12/02/2013