After Hurricane Outages, Looking To Alaska's Microgrids For A Better Way

"This archipelago in the Gulf of Alaska is home to one of the busiest commercial fishing ports in the country. Inside the Ocean Beauty seafood plant in Kodiak, where a maze of conveyer belts carry gutted salmon past workers in hairnets and gloves, manager James Turner ticks off everything that contributes to his monthly electricity bill: canning machines, pressure cookers, freezers lights.

"We use a lot of power here," he says.

Plus, down the road is the nation's largest Coast Guard base and to the south is a state-owned rocket launch facility. It's no small feat, then, that the power for all of this is generated right here on the island, from almost entirely renewable sources."

Rachel Waldholz reports for Alaska Public Media October 16, 2017.


"In Puerto Rico, Generators Divide Those With And Those Without" (NPR)

Source: NPR, 10/18/2017