"Airlines Urge UN To Back Deal To Curb Emissions"

"Airlines on Monday urged a UN aviation group to back a mandatory global framework to curb airline emissions, saying failure to reach a deal would revive threats of a trade war."

"The International Air Transport Association, which represents some 200 airlines, said the United Nations' aviation agency could agree on a new system when its 191 states begin their assembly in Montreal this week.

The UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which sets standards for air travel, is under pressure to make headway toward resolving one of the worst aviation disputes in years, pitting the European Union against its trade rivals. The ICAO meets in full once every three years."

Reuters had the story September 24, 2013.


"Airlines Face Carbon Verdict on $708 Billion Industry" (Bloomberg)

"Airlines Urge U.N. Deal on Emissions To Avoid Trade War" (Reuters)

Source: Guardian, 09/24/2013