"Al Gore Is Back"

"Five years after the release of An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore returns to the world stage with an updated slide show. Can his message be any more successful this time around?"

"He has shared the Nobel Prize, won an Emmy, was the subject of an Oscar-winning documentary, served as vice president and took the popular vote for the presidency. Few can point to so many achievements as Al Gore, yet few have fallen so flatly with the public they strive to inspire.

Five years after An Inconvenient Truth hit the big screen, Gore is back trying to whip up public awareness on climate change with a revised version of his now-famous slide show.

Gore will launch his new effort Wednesday with a worldwide '24 Hours of Reality' production - 24 one-hour shows, in multiple languages, starting in Mexico City and spanning all 24 time zones around the globe.

The shows will feature a corps of trained presenters running through 30 minutes of slides showing the most recent climate science, connections to extreme weather and other impacts and a look at potential solutions, Gore said. Another 30 minutes of discussion tailored for the local audience will follow.

'The whole focus of this 24 Hours of Reality presentation will be the reality of the climate crisis and the reality of the solutions available,' said Gore, who will deliver the final presentation at 7 p.m. Thursday in New York City. 'It will defend the science and defend the scientists and point to solutions all over the world.'"

Douglas Fischer reports for The Daily Climate September 12, 2011.


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Source: Daily Climate, 09/13/2011