"Al Gore: It's An Honor To Be Attacked On Climate Change"

"'There's a long tradition of people who don't like a particular message turning to attack the person delivering the message,' former Vice President Al Gore just said on NPR's Talk of the Nation."

"That's why, the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee added, 'I view it as an honor, really,' to be the target of Republican jabs on the issue of climate change.

He went on to accuse those who express the loudest doubts about whether humans are contributing to climate change of 'doing exactly the same thing that the tobacco industry did after the Surgeon General's report came out' linking smoking to cancer. 'They hired actors and dressed them up as doctors and gave them scripts' saying that smoking isn't harmful. Today, said Gore, 'carbon polluters' are paying for climate change doubters to say similar things."

Mark Memmott reports for NPR's The Two-Way blog September 14, 2011.


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Source: NPR, 09/15/2011