"Alaska Mine Would Damage Streams and Wetlands: EPA Report"

"Digging a large mine in southwest Alaska would inflict widespread ecological damage, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in a report on Friday that could hurt the chances of a proposed project in that region winning regulatory approval."

"A large scale open-pit mine in Alaska's unspoiled Bristol Bay region would destroy up to 90 miles of salmon and trout spawning streams, harm thousands of acres of wetlands that support fish and subject local waters to chemical spills and releases of untreated wastewater, the EPA report said.

The report did not specifically analyze the plan for Pebble Mine, the project proposed for the area, because developers have not officially made permit applications. But it studied the implications of a hypothetical project similar to Pebble."

Yereth Rosen reports for Reuters April 29, 2013.


EPA report

"EPA Backs Finding That Proposed Mine Would Hurt Alaska Salmon Runs" (McClatchy)

Source: Reuters, 04/29/2013