"Alt Fuels Won't Solve Military Energy Problems -- Study"

"Alternative fuels are likely to remain more expensive than their petroleum counterparts and offer the military little advantage as it seeks to secure its access to energy supplies, according to government-sponsored studies released today."

"The 340,000 barrels of fuel that the military uses each day may sound like a lot, but it's not enough to influence world oil prices, the RAND Corporation report says. To protect itself from high prices, the report says, the Defense Department should focus on energy efficiency and conservation and aim to promote security in oil producing regions and along key transportation routes.

The findings are likely to stoke already intense controversy engulfing the Navy's efforts to promote a commercial-scale domestic biofuels market that would allow the service to convert its fleet of ships and aircraft to a 50-50 blend by the end of the decade."

Annie Snider reports for Greenwire June 19, 2012.

Source: Greenwire, 06/20/2012