"Americans Uninformed About Fracking Says New Study"

"Most Americans have heard little or nothing of the oil and gas production process called hydraulic fracturing, and many don’t know if they support or oppose it, according to a new paper by researchers from Oregon State, George Mason and Yale universities."

"The research, published this week, is based on questions about fracking included in the 2012 biennial Climate Change in the American Mind survey, which gauges the public’s understanding of issues associated with climate change.

Advances in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, technology are responsible for the current shale shale oil and natural gas drilling boom in the U.S. The boom has begun to fuel a shift in electricity generation from carbon-emitting coal-fired power plants to cleaner natural gas power plants, reducing overall carbon emissions from electricity generation. The boom has also sparked concerns about how methane emissions from fracking and leaks in the natural gas production and distribution system may fuel climate change, which scientists have yet to fully quantify."

Bobby Magill reports for Climate Central November 21, 2013.

Source: Climate Central, 11/22/2013