"Analysis: Obama Green Job Vision Faces Challenge From Abroad"

"CEO Bill Watkins wants to build a $100 million next-generation LED light factory near his Silicon Valley-area headquarters, but China wants the 2,000 jobs he hopes to create.

The head of Livermore-based Bridgelux loves California, USA, but other nations are offering cash and guaranteed markets, tempting the executive who prefers a 'Made in America' sticker on his bulbs.

'I could solve Bridgelux's problems -- I put a factory in Asia,' said Watkins.

That is the reality facing President Barack Obama, who called on the United States this week to build a clean energy economy, using cleaner sources than traditional coal plants to generate up to 80 percent of U.S. electricity by 2035.

It is part of a global race to dominate what is seen as a potentially huge industry in solar, wind and other alternative energies that offers wealth and energy independence. For the United States, it is part of Obama's high-stakes plan to create jobs in the 'jobless' economic recovery."

Peter Henderson reports for Reuters January 31, 2011.


"Obama Touts Clean Energy Firm As Way Of Future" (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 01/31/2011