"Analysis: On the Road, Propane Stakes Claim as Cheap, Clean Fuel"

"Home satellite TV provider DISH Network Corp has signed a deal to run 200 of its trucks on propane, in the latest indication that the niche fuel could soon rival natural gas as the United States' cheap transport alternative."

"Once considered a low value by-product of oil refining and natural gas processing, used primarily in home heating and in industry, propane is now being used as a fuel in some new school buses and trucks around the country. That is happening as businesses like DISH look for ways to move away from dearer gasoline and diesel so that they can cut their fuel bills.

The boom in shale oil and gas production has driven down propane prices. And while it is still more costly than natural gas at the pump, propane engine makers argue that their products and refueling stations are cheaper than those provided by natural gas rivals."

Edward McAllister reports for Reuters March 7, 2013.

Source: Reuters, 03/07/2013