'Anti-Greta' Teen Activist To Speak At Biggest US Conservatives Confab

"Naomi Seibt, who tells YouTube followers that Thunberg and other climate activists are whipping up hysteria, to speak at CPAC"

"A German teenager dubbed the “anti-Greta” – climate sceptics’ answer to the schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg – is set to address the biggest annual gathering of US grassroots conservatives.

Naomi Seibt, 19, who styles herself as a “climate sceptic” or “climate realist”, will this week address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) near Washington, joining speakers including Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

Seibt is in the pay of the Heartland Institute, a thinktank closely allied with the White House that denies established science showing humans are heating the planet with dangerous consequences."

David Smith reports for the Guardian February 25, 2020.


"The Anti-Greta: A Conservative Think Tank Takes On The Global Phenomenon" (Washington Post)

Source: Guardian, 02/27/2020