Anti-XL Activists To 'Encircle' White House on Nov 6: Robert Redford

"Hollywood legend Robert Redford has starred in his second anti-Keystone video in less than two weeks. And this time he is advocating encircling (not occupying) the White House on November 6 to show President Barack Obama the 'people's' opposition to TransCanada's $7-billion pipeline.

'On November 6, thousands will gather outside the White House. Together, in a show of solidarity the crowd will encircle the People's House,' said Redford in the sequel co-produced by the and the Natural Resource Defense Council. 'The crowd will show the President that if he stands up to Big Oil like he promised to do, he will have the people's support. Now is the time for the President to show true leadership and help to move the country off  of oil. We have better energy choices.'"

Yadullah Hussain reports for the Financial Post November 1, 2011.


"Oscar Nominee David Strathairn’s Invitation to Join Action at White House Nov. 6th (Video)" (Treehugger)


Source: Financial Post, 11/02/2011