"An Antidote for Climate Contrarianism"

"I would guess a few Green readers had the experience, over the holidays, of arguing yet again about global warming with a parent or brother-in-law who thinks it’s all a big hoax. ... Fortunately, the M.I.T. climate scientist Kerry Emanuel has provided us with a solution to this problem: an updated edition of 'What We Know About Climate Change,' his 2007 book explaining the science of global warming."

"I’m happy to report that the new edition of this slender volume is an improvement -- perhaps even the single best thing written about climate change for a general audience. It is a little longer than the first edition, 93 pages instead of 85, but it’s still an easy read -- most people will get through it in a single sitting."

Justin Gillis reports for the New York Times' Green blog January 4, 2013.

Source: Green/NYT, 01/07/2013