"APS Closes 3 Units at 4 Corners Power Plant"

"Three coal-fired generators that opened in the 1960s near Farmington, N.M., closed Monday as part of a $182 million plan for Arizona Public Service Co. to meet environmental regulations, the utility reported."

"APS Vice President of Fossil Generation David Hansen traveled to the Four Corners Power Plant on Monday for a ceremony with the 434 plant workers to mark the closure. APS also purchased a larger stake in two units that will remain open at the plant, a move that could cost APS customers almost $3 a month.

The transaction is part of APS’ proposal to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements for pollution from the plant’s five generators. Rather than pay to upgrade the three oldest units, APS closed them and paid $182 million for a larger stake in Units 4 and 5, which don’t need as much investment to meet EPA standards."

Ryan Randazzo reports for the Arizona Republic December 30, 2013.

Source: Arizona Republic, 01/03/2014