Aquaculture Is Hooked on Chemicals, An Addiction That Must Be Fixed

"In part of the search to find ways to feed future populations, given the mounting impacts of extreme weather on traditional farming, many have begun to turn their attention to the ocean. Over the past four decades, aquaculture has grown rapidly, accounting for half of human-consumed seafood in 2011 and continuing at a 6 percent annual increase in production.

But along with increased demand and rapid expansion are many of the same problems presented by industrialized agriculture.

Rampant disease, parasites and overcrowding have called for the introduction of pesticides in addition to veterinary drugs, not only contaminating the food produced but also generating runoff and wastewater that can pollute the surrounding environment."

Jennifer Huizen reports for ClimateWire August 5, 2014.

Source: ClimateWire, 08/06/2014