Arizona Will Halt Some New Phoenix Home Approvals As Water Supplies Tighten

"The groundwater aquifers currently serving 4.6 million people across metro Phoenix are lagging behind growth on a trajectory that would run just short of projected needs in 100 years, according to a new state groundwater model released Thursday by Gov. Katie Hobbs. As a result, the state's water agency will stop approving new development that relies solely on groundwater.

The model estimates future supply and demand for the Phoenix Active Management Area, a zone that includes most of the metro area, where the state’s groundwater law requires the Department of Water Resources to certify that new homes have a safe 100-year water supply before they can be built. Based on the new model, some potential developments would fail that test.

The change does not affect existing homeowners, and officials stressed that major cities including Phoenix have ample supplies and can continue to grow. Hobbs also noted that about 80,000 unbuilt lots already are approved and can go forward."

Brandon Loomis reports for the Arizona Republic June 1, 2023.

Source: Arizona Republlic, 06/02/2023