"Australia's War on Wind Farms Threatens Biggest Renewable Project"

"Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's hostility to 'visually awful' wind farms has sent a chill through the industry and could jeopardize the country's biggest renewable energy project, a $2 billion-plus wind and solar plant in the country's north.

In an early sign that a new Federal policy could curtail major renewable projects, the company planning to build the 1,200-megawatt plant said it may struggle to attract financing after the government blocked state support for wind farms.

Conservative premier Abbott has been a vocal critic of wind farms, which he has also described as 'ugly' and 'noisy', and has campaigned for coal-fired power."

Byron Kaye reports for Reuters July 21, 2015.


"A Prime Minister Fighting the Sun And the Wind" (The Age)

Source: Reuters, 07/21/2015