"BASIC Group Calls for Adoption of 'Kyoto 2' in Doha"

"Ministers from Brazil, India, China and South Africa called for an extension of the Kyoto Protocol, the world's only treaty that forces countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions, which expires at the end of the year."

"The emerging economies, who form the BASIC bloc, met in Brazil's capital Brasilia on Thursday and Friday to discuss their common negotiating position for the upcoming climate talks in Doha, Qatar, in November.

They said a new Kyoto commitment period should start on January 1 and that a decision on the treaty's fate should be "a key deliverable for Doha and an essential basis for ambition within the regime."

The EU and poorer nations have said they want to extend the treaty, which set binding targets for 37 industrialized countries and the European community, but still remain split over how to do so."

Maria Carolina Marcello and Marcelo Teixeira report for Reuters September 24, 2012.

Source: Reuters, 09/24/2012