"Berkshire Residents To GE: Don’t Dump PCBs In Our Backyard -- Again"

"General Electric and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are battling over the last stretch of the PCB clean-up of the Housatonic River in Massachusetts from Pittsfield through Great Barrington.

GE is appealing the government’s clean-up plan, which is estimated to cost $613 million over 15 years. One big issue is where to put the toxic PCBs that are dug up from the river.

Fisherman Chris Windram leads the way to the river, past a sign warning people not to eat the fish because of PCBs. The river may contain a toxin, but the water sparkles in the bright sun. And there’s fish. If Windram were fishing for trout today, he’d use a lure that mimics an insect that he spots under the water."

Nancy Eve Cohen reports for New England Public Radio March 30, 2017.

Source: NEPR, 03/31/2017