"Biden Appoints 6 to Arctic Research Commission"

"President Biden announced six commissioners to the U.S. Arctic Research Commission today, after forcing several Trump administration appointees to step down in early September.

The appointees — Michael Sfraga, Elizabeth Ann Cravalho, David Michael Kennedy, Mark Myers, Jackie Richter-Menge and Deborah Vo — will join the independent federal agency that helps craft U.S. policy and research goals in the Arctic. Sfraga is slated to chair the commission.

The agency underwent a major shake-up when Biden asked and then forced four Trump appointees to resign due to a lack of qualifications in early September, according to Arctic Today.

Biden’s appointees make up a diverse and geographically connected body: One-third of the appointed commissioners are Indigenous, half are women and two-thirds are residents of Alaska, according to a press release from the White House."

Nico Portuondo reports for E&E News September 24, 2021.

Source: E&E News, 09/27/2021