"Biden’s New Regulatory Playbook Targets Climate, Opioids"

"President Joe Biden released his third regulatory to-do list Tuesday, detailing his ambitions to regulate consumer data use, treat opioid addiction, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The list, which includes more than 2,650 items, is the third of Biden’s presidency. It offers a window into how the administration plans to use federal agencies in the coming months to advance its priorities. Its impact potentially ripples from multinational corporations to local agencies and average citizens.

Tuesday’s list, for instance, includes rules to make appliances such as refrigerators and furnaces more efficient as the US faces rising energy prices. It also incorporates a proposal, to be released in September, that would let doctors use virtual visits to prescribe treatment for patients with an opioid addiction."

Courtney Rozen, Andrea Vittorio, Ellen M. Gilmer, Pat Rizzuto, Ben Penn, and Andrew Kreighbaum report for Blooomberg Environment June 21, 2022.

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 06/22/2022