Biden Says He ‘Didn’t Realize’ Fundraiser’s Ties To Fossil Fuel Company

"Ahead of CNN’s climate forum, CNBC reported that Biden is scheduled to attend the big money event in New York on Thursday."

"Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said at CNN’s marathon forum on climate change Wednesday night that he was unaware that a fundraiser he’s slated to attend on Thursday is being co-hosted by a founder of a fossil fuel company.

“I didn’t realize he does that,” Biden said, referring to Andrew Goldman, a co-founder of Houston-based natural gas company Western LNG. “I was told if you look at the SEC filings, he’s not listed as one of those executives.”

Biden’s remark came in response to an audience question about a CNBC report Wednesday on Biden’s scheduled appearance and his close ties to Goldman. Goldman was an adviser of Biden’s when he was in the Senate."

Chris D’Angelo reports for HuffPost September 4, 2019.

Source: HuffPost, 09/05/2019