"Biden Signals 'New Direction' On Regulations"

"President Biden last night signaled he would take a bold approach to federal regulations — giving some hope to the progressive wing of his party.

He signed a memo called 'Modernizing Regulatory Review,' which states that regulations are critical to fighting tangible problems.

'Our Nation today faces serious challenges, including a massive global pandemic; a major economic downturn; systemic racial inequality; and the undeniable reality and accelerating threat of climate change,' the memo reads.

While Biden is keeping in place the basic structure of regulatory review — including cost-benefit analyses loathed by progressives — he summoned the Office of Management and Budget to create procedures to ensure 'regulatory initiatives appropriately benefit and do not inappropriately burden disadvantaged, vulnerable, or marginalized communities.'"

Kelsey Brugger reports for E&E News January 21, 2021.


"Modernizing Regulatory Review" (White House)

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Source: E&E News, 01/22/2021