"Big Coal Attacks Penn State Climate Scientist (Again)"

Some coal-industyry front groups have begin a campaign to frighten Penn State into cancelling a speech by climate scientist Michael Mann -- who will be talking about coal industry efforts to silence climate scientists. Penn State has refused.

"We've documented the long-term effort to malign Pennsylvania State University climate scientist Michael Mann here rather extensively. Now a coal-backed group is running a smear campaign targeting an upcoming speaking event Mann is holding on campus.

The Common Sense Movement and the Secure Energy for America Political Action Committee (CSM/SEAPAC) have started a petition asking Penn State to cancel Mann's Feb. 9 speech. In the petition, they rehash 'Climategate' and accuse him of 'allegedly manipulating scientific data to align with his extreme political views on global warming.' The group offers a template letter for people to send to 'daily newspapers near you' attacking Penn State for hosting a speech by 'someone of such questionable ethics.'

Who is this 'Common Sense Movement'? The website claims to represent 'a group of individuals and businesses committed to ensuring the availability of affordable, reliable and secure sources of energy for American consumers.' But as Brad Johnson reports at Think Progress, it's a coal front group...."

Kate Sheppard reports for Mother Jones February 3, 2012.


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Source: Mother Jones, 02/06/2012