"Bill Limiting Pesticide Use on Hawaii Island Is Vetoed"

"The mayor of Kauai County, Hawaii, has vetoed a hotly contested bill that would have restricted the use of pesticides by companies developing genetically modified crops on the island."

"The mayor, Bernard P. Carvalho Jr., said on Thursday that he agreed with the intent of the proposed ordinance but believed the bill was legally flawed. 'That being the case,' he said in a statement, 'I had no choice but to veto.'

 Hawaii has become a hub for the development of genetically modified seeds, with corn now growing in fields once used for sugar or pineapples.

But some residents on Kauai had said the corn farming exposed them to dust and dangerous pesticides. Others opposed genetically modified crops in general."

Andrew Pollack reports for the New York Times October 31, 2013.

Source: NY Times, 11/01/2013