"Bill McKibben's Campus Crusade for Climate"

"Activist Bill McKibben launches a climate road show, drumming up a little rage for an audience in search of a little leadership."

"BURLINGTON, Vt. – Bill McKibben is lanky, soft-spoken, scholarly and engaging. He may also be the closest thing the U.S. environmental movement has to a leader.

And he's in show business now. Still soft-spoken, but very, very angry.

On a crisp night earlier this month, a mostly-Gen Next crowd filled the University of Vermont's Allen Chapel to see the dress rehearsal of the coast-to-coast road show that McKibben hopes will ignite a campus movement.

"Do the Math" will visit 20 cities starting Nov. 7. It mixes McKibben's grim analysis with a little inspiration and hope, with a goal of inspiring America's youth to righteous anger, and to lead where the grown-ups have utterly failed."

Peter Dykstra reports for the Daily Climate October 23, 2012.

Source: Daily Climate, 10/24/2012