"Bloomberg Weighs 2014 Climate Battles"

"Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might use some of his fortune on behalf of 2014 candidates who are hawkish on battling climate change."

"On Tuesday Bloomberg, who is leaving office Jan. 1, told reporters he would continue focusing on climate initiatives through his philanthropy.

But he also held out the prospect of wading directly into congressional races next year. Bloomberg, asked about raising climate change in political contests, initially noted that there’s a “limited number” of things he can focus on, emphasizing gun control and immigration.

But later Bloomberg added that he would do 'everything I can to help those people who want to protect the health of our planet get reelected.' An aide later clarified that Bloomberg is “leaving the door open” to climate-related political work."

Ben Geman reports for The Hill's E2 Wire November 26, 2013.

Source: Hill/E2 Wire, 11/27/2013