"BPA Ban Approved for Maine Food Packages"

"A state board votes to bar the chemical from baby products' containers. The Legislature has the final say."

"AUGUSTA — The state's Board of Environmental Protection voted unanimously Thursday to approve a ban on bisphenol-A in packaging for baby food and infant formula.

The measure, which the board endorsed in a preliminary vote last week, now goes to the Legislature for final approval.

BPA is a chemical used in an epoxy resin that serves as a barrier between food and its packaging. Studies have suggested a link between the chemical and developmental problems, learning disabilities, reproductive problems, cancer and obesity.

Because BPA can mimic or disrupt hormones, critics claim it is even more of a risk for young children, because their bodies are still developing.

Thursday's measure expands legislation from 2011 that banned the chemical from reusable food and beverage containers and lids."

North Cairn reports for the Portland Press Herald January 25, 2013.

Source: Portland Press Herald, 01/25/2013