"Britain To Press Ahead With Onshore Wind Subsidy Cuts Next Week"

"Britain's new government will next week outline implementing its pledge to reduce onshore wind farm subsidies, the new energy minister has said, which will likely scupper plans for new wind turbines.

Queen Elizabeth will on May 27 say in an annual speech outlining the government's agenda, that the new Conservative government intends to scrap subsidies for onshore wind farms. All new projects must win the consent of local communities, the energy ministry confirmed.

Amber Rudd, last week appointed minister for energy and climate change told the Sunday Times newspaper that cutting onshore wind subsidies would be one of the first things her ministry will do."

Karolin Schaps reports for Reuters May 22, 2015.


"IMF Says Energy Subsidized By $5.3 Trillion Worldwide"  (Reuters)

Source: Reuters, 05/22/2015