"British Columbia Opposes Planned Oil Sands Pipeline"

"OTTAWA -- A pipeline for exporting oil sands bitumen to Asia-bound tankers was dealt a severe blow on Friday when the province of British Columbia urged a federal review panel to reject the $6 billion plan."

"The proposal to build the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and its port is effectively Alberta’s backup plan in case the Obama administration turns down the Keystone XL, a pipeline that would link the oil sands with American refineries on the Gulf Coast. Several of the concerns raised by British Columbia in its rejection echo those of American environmentalists regarding Keystone XL.

In its 99-page submission, the province questioned Enbridge’s claims that it could mitigate spills in its remote mountain wilderness and off its rugged coastline."

Ian Austen reports for the New York Times May 31, 2013.


"British Columbia Rejects West Coast Pipeline Plan" (Mother Jones)

Source: NY Times, 06/03/2013