"Buenos Aires Hit By Toxic Cloud"

"Hospitals are on red alert and parts of Buenos Aires have been evacuated as a toxic cloud descends upon the city."

"A shipping container holding pesticide exploded this morning with smoke diffusing across central parts of the Argentine capital.

The offices of the Air Force, two major banks, a court and a school where among the buildings within a 20-block radius of the city’s port – obscured by a yellow cloud – evacuated as a nauseating smell plagued the area.

The cloud spread past the centre of the city to southern neighbourhoods, reaching as far as Lanús in Buenos Aires province, some 15 kilometres away.

The city government is advising people to stay indoors and close windows and doors, and the Ministry of Health has put all hospitals on red alert."

Jonathan Gilbert reports for the London Telegraph from Buenos Aires December 6, 2012.


"Buenos Aires Covered in Toxic Cloud From Chemical Fire" (Xinhua)

Source: Telegraph, 12/07/2012