Buried Report Cites TransCanada’s ‘Inadequate’ Pipeline Inspections

"Just weeks after a TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded and left thousands of residents without gas in sub-zero temperatures, a CBC News investigation uncovered a 2011 report, buried by federal regulators, that criticized the company “for ‘inadequate’ field inspections and ‘ineffective’ management.”"

"The report was prepared in the aftermath of another TransCanada natural gas pipeline explosion — a 2009 blast on Dene Tha’ First Nation territory in northern Alberta. It found that the pipeline in question, the Peace River Mainline, had a rupture rate five times higher than the national average and, when it burst in 2009, that particular section was 95 percent corroded.

The report wasn’t released until this January when the CBC obtained it, an oversight the National Energy Board chalked up to an 'administrative error.'"

Kiley Kroh reports for Climate Progress February 4, 2014.


Source: Climate Progress, 02/07/2014